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Medicare is confusing.

Understanding Medicare on your own can be time-consuming and difficult. Enrollment rules and a variety of plan options make Medicare hard to comprehend. In addition, soon-to-be Medicare beneficiaries are being bombarded with massive amounts of mail, phone calls, and online advertisements. This makes a lot of people frustrated, confused, and often worried. Almost every New-to-Medicare beneficiary faces multiple questions as he or she becomes Medicare eligible:

  • When should I apply for Medicare?
  • How do I join Medicare?
  • Which plan is right for me?
  • Will my doctors take the plan?
  • Can I go to the hospital of my choice?
  • Will my drugs be covered, or which insurance carrier should I choose?

Today’s Medicare insurance market offers a great number of very attractive solutions, but Medicare plans are not one-size-fits-all. In most cases one can choose between several different plan options and selecting the right Medicare plan may not be as easy as one thinks. Most of the time there are many variables to consider.

That is why we created Medicare On The Spot– A simple solution to a complex subject.

Please browse through the Medicare On The, get some basic knowledge, find your local advisor, call to set a free appointment, and let us guide you through your Medicare enrollment and plan selection.

Our agents are here to help Medicare beneficiaries of Chicago and All of Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Colorado, Indiana, and Connecticut.

When to Join Medicare
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When To
Join Medicare?
How to Join Medicare
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How To
Join Medicare?
What Medicare Plan to Pick
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What Medicare
Plan To Pick?
Do I Have The Right Plan
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Do I Have The
Right Plan?

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